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Houston Termite Inspection, 5 Signs Your Home May Be Infested With Termites

Houston Termite Inspection, 5 Signs Your Home May Be Infested With Termites

Houston termite inspection is important due to the damage termites cause. Termites are thought to be the most serious hazard to buildings made from wood in Houston; surpassing fire, wind and flood. Actually, termite expenditure for Americans is $5 billion and more in terms of damage each year, states the National Pest Management Association.

Houston termite inspection brings awareness on the basics of termite such as recognition, warning signals and precautionary measures which are vital for termite prevention for homes.

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Types And Characteristics Of Termites In Houston

Two major kinds of termites affect homes in Houston: termites which reside beneath the earth (subterranean termites) and the ones that reside solely in wood (drywood termites).  Subterranean termites create colonies inside the soil, while drywood termites are seen in frames, furniture and floors in the home made from hardwood.

Subterranean Termites In Houston Video

The two species are prone to being additionally active in parts where the weather is warmer, even though subterranean termites are available in each state of the United States, apart from Alaska.

You may not possibly be concerned about distinguishing the two types, as termite destruction of any type is a hazard to your home; a Houston termite inspection professional will require recognizing the type to efficiently take care of an infestation.

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Even though a lot of people think that termites only arrive in spring, actually, they are active all through the year. Swarms, which are the most obvious indication of termite activity, happen mostly in spring.

However, recognizing an infestation is apparent in your home environment, might create a huge saving for you in terms of finances and stress. Ensure you work with a Houston termite inspection expert.

5 Signs Of Termites In Houston

Wood Which Sounds Hollow

Termites love being in dark, wet surroundings; therefore, they do not normally feed on the wood surface where the human eye would detect them. Actually, the surface of the wood may look flat even if harm is being inflicted by termites.

Termite Chewing On Wood Video

If the wood has a hollow sound upon tapping, the reason for this might be because the termites are consuming the wood from the interior outwards.

Sets Of Insects With Wings - Discarded Wings Or (Swarmers)

Reproductive termites known as swarmers fly to form new colonies. Subterranean termites normally swarm during spring while drywood swarms are not as predictable. In case you sight a swarm of insects or sets of discarded wings, contact a specialist to examine.

Splintered Or Disfigured Paint On Surfaces Made From Wood

Drywood termites which swarm can gain access via gaps smaller than a dime’s edge; therefore, check and close any gaps in the base of the home and close to the side of the roof, windows and vents.

Mud Tubes On Outside Walls

On surfaces, subterranean termites create mud tubes like the foundation of a home to supply moisture as they are looking for food. Keep firewood, mulch and wood pieces far from the house to prevent forming surroundings which have a lot of moisture for termites to live and flourish.


Drywood termites create droppings which are wood-colored known as frass since they consume infested wood. Keep your gutters, crawl gaps and downspouts free of trash and materials made from cellulose to remove these food sources from termites.

Termite Frass Video


Houston termite inspection is vital in protecting your home. Termites in Houston present a crucial hazard to your largest investment; your home. In case you have a suspicion of termites habiting your home, contact a licensed Houston termite inspection company for pest control to carry out an examination. Doing research, I found a termite inspection Houston company that has great Google reviews and Yelp reviews, they're called Gulf Coast Exterminators and can be reached by their website which I will link below.

A termite inspection Houston company will propose a tailored treatment and avoidance strategy which might entail wood treatments, liquid repellants, baits and if essential, fumigation of your home.

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